Beauty and hair supplies

This list is the delivery set out that the store is beautiful at West Atlanta suburbs available for qualified buyers. The store in which beauty is directed against the walk-in customers and local fashion designer. They specialize in different hair and hair products. Have a wide selection of wigs and hair extensions as an exclusive. In addition, carry out a wide range of other beauty related products, make-up and manicure, pedicure: related to such supplies. The company has developed a great reputation for their staff knowledgeable and friendly, as well as their large selection. Activity also is conveniently located. The owners of the benefits arising from that activity has shown consistent growth in the past three years and nearly doubled each year. There are also approximately $ 100,000 in assets to be transferred from the sales of this sector. If you want to learn more about these activities, or if you want to schedule a visit to the site, please contact the agent by phone (852-886-5100) or via e-mail. Recommended price: $ 288,000

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