Tips for preventing postpartum depression

Depression after delivery, birth and faster and in a few hours or days, caused by hormonal changes after childbirth, the majority of women. Most likely the only experience mild depression, depression, irritabilitée, fatigue, and weepiness. However, there are other symptoms, deeper and much more. Although other medications and/or treatment should be good self-care hostels treatment and support for many women, family and friends can help.

To avoid the worst symptoms of depression after the birth at the end is here.

1. click on save some time for your well-being.
If you're a new mother, without giving the slightest attention tend to focus on the new baby. Even if it's still a little time only toilet or bathroom is important in order to save time when a few people.

2 good food
If you need to have a nice, breastfeeding, but I don't know if you are breastfeeding, you should make you well. Nutrients and adequately care for themselves and their children too tired may cause symptoms of depression.

3 have a good sleep
If necessary, can be difficult to feed your baby as often as you need. But if you feel tired and irritability and depression, it is natural. At any time and for as long as possible is very important for the party. There are sleep when your baby falls asleep and power functions are the other members of the family. Sometimes in advance, while it can be used for a bottle of milk pump.

4 should get plenty of Omega-3.
Study on postpartum depression and poverty have demonstrated a link between consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, during the 8 weeks public trial showed a significant improvement in depression after childbirth women who took Omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids fatty fish (mackerel, Lake Trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon) can be obtained from the food, but will instead pregnancy fish oil supplements. Polychlorinated biphenyls, such harmful mercury during fetal development and fish can be included.

5 seek assistance from family and friends.
Ask for help if possible. Just because a kid may not be yours, does not mean other people. Culture, recreation and step in and help a family member, it will leave the mother free flow where you need it is almost unheard of postpartum depression. Your friends and your family can help, provide help and tension.

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How to help people who want to commit suicide

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1. seriously
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Pain, physical medicine, dental

Time 00: 23 by PostScript awbigboz 10-21 july, 2011 in the area of tooth Buscador.

Pain of the teeth will claim that I like and you can make sense of the people, perhaps because of pain from teeth tooth or infection of the gums or teeth. Officials said the skill of the dentist.

Before going to the doctor There is a natural solution that works with reduced pain as only temporary measures is special to manage pain, but if you have a toothache is keeping it happens again, well, here's how some of the natural material, which is renowned pain and sick to the teeth before downgrading to a doctor.

Written on the basis of herbal as Judas "from Jude c. Todd, we know that garlic can have painful tooth or tooth because it consists of a compound disinfectant. Remove the spaces wangkrathiam the toothache is in 5 minutes and then removed with hot and garlic.

In the book "Prescription for Herbal Healing" was written by Phyllis Balch, and although the fact that the tea can be used to treat toothache. Hot tea may help get rid of the bacteria in the mouth and reduces pain warm tea bag Meanwhile can be placed in the teeth gums to help stop the redness Aching series but does not use sugar with hot tea.

Ice Cube
The ice is known to reduce pain and swelling of the teeth and gums method I ice cubes in your pocket or bag can save in a year with 5-10 minutes and then deleted in a second day, but if conditions improve. Medical consultation immediately.

A study published in the journal of dentistry in 2006 found that oil, clove relieving toothache if you need 2-3 drops of clove oil, cotton and rubbing toothache. When you use the teeth should be moistened with saliva. Before the effect of teeth

Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne contains relationships for SIM pasai cache work on pain relief. Three hands in hot pepper damp cotton compress lightly and teeth.

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The secret Magic Potion for hair loss

At 2: 11 pm · PostScript by awbigboz 5 july 2011 in the area of hair loss products for healthcare.

Hair loss is the inspiration for the issues that can affect anyone at any time. Hair loss, Alopecia or male pattern or alopecji, which is the name of a clinical trial is what happens when the follicles in the scalp and stop the spiral hair loss.

There are several dozens of products on the market these days, including NU-GRO, Profectiv, Revivogen, Fabao, Nioxin, Organin, Rogaine, Folligen, Provilus, Folicure, biotin, Tricomin, Minoxidi and several names Propecia some effective and not some, but not as safe and effective as a "hair."

Because the hair and baldness hair full effect many people worldwide, around 90 000 people. No, the spread in the United Kingdom, such as a product that is safe and natural, which helps you restore hair to return to the parents full integration it often suffer from depression, and so on. Debilitating disease services resulting from the disclosure of baldness

Hair regrowth treatments in itself even worse side effects according to type of hair loss solution they should avoid all liability but confident that "hair" hair regrowth treatment is punishment completely natural rest regrow your hair without fear of having to deal with side effects such as suppression or smudged or dizzy spells.

I once again of the highest quality saw Palmetto naturaceuticals, Gingko and ginseng root, nettle in other things to help people with their hair regrowth treatment takes many years. These components. Components and refined in the laboratories, which are high-quality. Pharmaceutical companies by most popuścisz.

I am another product as necessary if you want a thick head of hair shadow. That young people, because full of masculine

Because I don't do it again?

Protect and maintain forms most of the hair loss, DHT in the body has sunk. I can naturally again, turns off the conversion of free testosterone dihydrotestosterone have similar mechanisms of action of the medicines prescription only, such as Finasteride (Propecia), but there are no side effects, deleting related Finasteride and other than prescription drugs this hair again contains DHT prohibitors and West, particularly the Indian hair.

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