Measure alcohol in internal organs

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Action on local

Alcohol in the stomach more dangerous cannot produce oil natural digestion in sufficient quantities, and also failed to absorb food digestion, which can be imprecise note condition which diseases feelings of emptiness or böjande, and always match distention alcoholic effect of disgust of food, and they think the old Dresden to drink more to provide a permanent resource that will foster called dyspepsia shape terrorism confirmed indigestion comes through practice.

The effect is liver.

Organic decomposition of continuous use of alcohol is often critical in nature. This content often changing structure in the liver from alcohol is typically. The liver has the ability to use information in the section in the case of poisoning by the associations we study toxic liver as inventory is a center of foreign body. Almost the same in relation to alcohol Alcoholic hepatitis is not independent from the influence of alcohol and fat had too often. Minute structure of Membranous, or hepatic capsular may be affected. Protect free liver dialysis and ooze becomes large due to dilation of vessels subject to floating and zgrubieniu rise to stain tissue this reduces tissue and reduce the size of the whole of the cell. The lower part of the alcohol becomes a dropsical due to barriers of vein blood back. The structure of the liver can be charged by fat cells and to what a given "fatty liver"

Deterioration in kidney

Kidneys also negative effects caused by too much alcohol Boat of the kidney loses the flexibility and power of contractions. Structure of minute they go through modification of fatty acid Albumin from blood transmitted easily through their membranes. This body will lose his power will be used to reveal blood.

Congestion of the lungs

Alcohol lowers boats from lung vulnerable to fluctuations in heating and cooling. To test the effects of the scheme quickly in temperature. They can be easily overloaded. Severe winter season suddenly serious lung cancer congestion affecting easily alcoholic.

Alcohol weakens the heart

Consumption of alcohol will affect a lot of heart. The quality of the structure the membraneous affect and change of heart and is thickened becomes Chrząstkowe or lime. Valve towards the loss of their vacuum cleaner and occurs in valvular disease becomes permanent. The structure of the resulting large vein leading from the heart is in the same structure so that the boat lose flexibility and the ability to retrieve the heart in reflection from his distention after his pace. Fill it with blood.

Working structure of myocardial again due to degenerative changes in the excretion of. Parts of the muscular fibres is replaced by the cell is bold or alone if they are not overwritten will be sent according to the disagreements that improve surface conflict muscles which decrease power sharply.

Read user experience from the clutter of these organic body of the global circulation of blood and insidious, so it's almost never split them up something bad happened to know the power of small causes, such as elbow problems remaining overexertion or starvation long central food they feel he has prestige "Mon", but they know wine or some other stimulant drugs at the same time to relieve feelings. In this way, trying to leave, until at last they found the treatment failure. Jaded heart full of faithful will pay more to do with his conduct, and Governor in blood flow loss. Current overrun or ending excretion dissipation gradual course or bumped minor animation too some correlation in the heart of all.

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Dr. Richardson in his lectures on alcohol in both England and the United States. Speaking of this substance in the blood.

Effect of alcohol MEMBRANES

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Effect of alcohol, brain

I have once and for all that uncommon, even if they are not satisfied. The probability of observing the same phenomena within the structure of the brain of a man in a paroxysm of who ...

Reduces MICROBIAL alcohol

And here for those who do not know. The digestion process. Picture of Temple of this important and

Alcohol as a food.

Alcohol is the value of food and limited in its application for dealing with them. Dr. Somdetphrachaohenri Monroe says "all types of employees.

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Guide to physical and mental health in minutes.

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All are concerned about health problems such as heart disease and cancer, but sometimes we make efforts to protect their assignment as expected.

You may not need to worry about complicated things quickly and easily to maintain a healthy and relaxed in this case, the shape of the elderly to your health. In 1 minute or less interested in updates

To cuddle a your partner.
New study shows that even treat your partner to feel more relaxed for body and mind. Feeling good is overlapping love.

Recent research carried out in the journal of medicine that showed signs of Psychosomatic Medicine every time to reduce cortisol hormone that is released during stress percent body around 7.

Eat chocolate
Also feel guilty about eating chocolate? You don't need a study recently conducted by Northumbria University, UK in the company of rich chocolate flavonoids that participation in the flow of blood in the brain of chocolate flavonoids are rich in, the body repairs and fight against toxins improve memory. Battle fatigue and allows the body to work difficult to mentally handicapped people.

Listen to music.
The next time that you are in a stressful situation for two songs. Headset according to the latest survey conducted by Cleveland Clinic music reduces blood pressure and stress.

If the highlight is the laughter is best medicine course. Laughing can boost energy and alleviating pain. Boost immune function and muscle tension

"Get this screen saver silly joke movie rental house. Explore over something serious too say Elizabeth judge Ph. d. Director Center for mental health/body that Israel Deaconess Medical Center for women.

Lively Walk the dog
Best friend of man for a companion of his life are greater today, but also pets-lively walks or going after blocks from his house is the best way of exercise that is gentle on the legs, increased serotonin and dopamine. Neuro-transmitters An enjoyable and relaxed, said Blair justice Ph.d. Professor of Psychology at the University School of nursing in Texas.

Take deep wind
To improve the health and happiness not just breathe? The benefits of the development process, gastrointestinal and respiratory fitness and mental health. Energy and relaxation.

Eat an Apple
Fruits are rich in their nests are in addition to any lunch importance Apple is rich in fiber and flavonoids antioxidants apples contribute to heart health and good onmai (LDL) in the body under control.

According to recent research, Columbia University, pointed out a moment ago. If you feel an anxiety attack fiercely and nervous Time to relax and smile.

"If you minimize respiration and changing expressions, you can reduce the stress of a doctorate degree, said Mark Stibich graduate consultant, Columbia University.

Start your day with flowers
Reduce energy and perspectives of our life. Even before the holiday. Studies show that flowers are answered during the daily routine, according to recent studies Rutgers University flowers he lives in a positive impact on mood and energy also reduces depression and anxiety. How to smell flowers in color or aroma will certainly sense of peace.

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You do not need to be divided into stress mode of life. Use your breath You can relax instead of mental stress and your body, yoga ...

General health tips from around the world.

Each culture has a solution to their own health and manage their weight. If you want to spark life can see tips. These general health.

Beauty and fitness

Health is wealth of actually doing it makes people look lean both inside and outside. There are many people ...


Stroke survivors are now combined with Chinese traditional healing methods with modern technology for recovering quickly and create a life again. According to Chinese medical theory

Tips for allergy patients

Here are some easy tips to make sure that remote allergies Chicago physician Dr. Ian Healers Wahl stress.

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