Patients with high blood pressure benefit: the dash diet

High blood pressure can be quite a few of the challenges and the DASH diet is a new solution really gaining traction. The LINE refers to the dietary approaches to stop hypertension, dash diet to promote health, high blood pressure, and the Government as an instrument of control in the Organization of the National Institute.

Dash diet, the focus is in the eating, as part of the right to food and the selection and generally necessary infusional nutrients into the body of the text. DASH diet should not be confused with the weight loss program is a new diet and recommended people to struggle with the blood pressure and high blood pressure, or which are of high blood pressure, the lifestyle or reasons.

DASH diet, the benefits are numerous, but he is concentrated mainly in our daily diet of the administration of sodium consumption, and improve the consumption of other nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium salts, has shown that manage high blood pressure. On the basis of the investigation, is needed in the popular adult body of 2300 mg of sodium per day. But we spend an average of less than 3500 mg of sodium in our daily diet, which leads to an imbalance of hormone and to promote hyper tension, high blood pressure. DASH diet, the aim is to reduce the intake of sodium for this ideal, 2300 mg to 1500 mg. a deeper and

It has become apparent that the DASH diet for lowering blood pressure, which may be several points in only two weeks after the patient. The patient's approval on a regular basis to reduce the DASH diet, 8 to 14 (even) for this reason, significantly reduces the risk of other diseases, health points, high blood pressure is the logical consequence of the tendency.

DASH diet, the practice of a healthy and balanced diet is a very popular, it is, how it not only allows you to reduce the level of blood pressure, but in the interests of the health of other offers, including taxes, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, heart and stroke. Because of the emphasis on the size of the place of secondment is the preferred and most efficient nutrient consumption is, search the DASH diet can help you get rid of the extra body fat.

As already mentioned, the purpose of the DASH is the the diet, the rules of the daily diet of sodium consumption. DASH diet, the standard-and low in sodium, in two versions. A short description as follows:

. The ideal daily dose 2300 mg of sodium is standard, the DASH diet, the standard of the patient's diet, the DASH can be used.

. Use a lower-sodium in the diet of the DASH-dash diet, the lower range of sodium, may not exceed 1500 mg of sodium for the patient.

Dash diet, the lower sodium version is particularly high in the middle-age or older, also received the African American origin of the specimens, the already-high blood pressure. Do you have with your doctor before you want to configure the check-box to include the dash diet version.

Dash diet, both versions require a whole grain products, fruits, vegetables and low-fat diet. Red meat and sweets, only a small amount of food. Seriously, is to be checked, the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. The core of its DASH to the diet, add some simple rules, and the following categories of foodstuffs, the following:

1. whole grains the DASH diet, the inclusion suggests 6-8 servings whole grain products daily. Whole grains bread would mean, rice and pasta, cooked or dry cereal. The focus in the brown rice (rice), instead of (as opposed to the white bread) as whole wheat bread and pasta, cereals (by regular pasta), rather than whole grains. Less fat, butter, and then the grans remain clearly involved with the cream or cheese sauces.

2. vegetables and vegetables are really natural source fibre, vitamins and minerals (such as potassium, magnesium and calcium salts). DASH diet vegetable servings each per we need everday 4-5. Place vegetables in football or in leafy vegetables? Football geschnittenen of raw and cooked vegetables. Brown rice, pasta or vegetables can be a healthy meal. Purchase, frozen vegetables, when you use a low sodium salts or any of the versions.

3. fruit, vegetables and fruits are also plenty of available sources of natural fibres, vitamins and minerals (such as potassium, magnesium and calcium salts). DASH diet recommends at least 4-5 servings of fruit a day. Unlike the vegetables and fruit can be eaten raw and really should, without preparation or Cook. Part of the fruit, the fruit of, inter alia, in the medium-term 1 or? diced fresh, frozen, or canned fruit of FIFA. To take advantage of the hands of the frozen, salted or sweetened versions. Also avoid canned fruit, Vinegar, and a sweet syrup. Fruit in the diet of the species in a meal or snack or even a dessert. A word of caution, taking into account the fact that the contents are wearing such as grapes and citrus fruits, oranges, sometimes reacts to the drug, you have to check with your doctor.

4. the Dairy-writes daily dose of protein, calcium and vitamin d, the DASH diet, dairy products, milk, yoghurt, cheese, the doses of 2-3. When deciding whether it is necessary for milk products, you are sure the fat-free or otherwise, they are an important source of revenue for the intake of fat, very easily.

5. the lean meat, poultry and fish-iron, zinc, vitamin b and protein, in favor of the DASH diet, not more than 6 doses of lean meat, chicken or fish of the day. High blood pressure in individuals, it deserves a firm to avoid red meat, and also other kinds of sliced meat, skin and fat in all forms is to go before the BBQ or Frying (fried is always unhealthy). Fish such as salmon, herring and tuna fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, cholesterol management are really lower than the pressure in the blood and help.

DASH diet also 4-5 servings of pulses, nuts and seeds of the week. Certain types of food are plentiful, such as potassium, magnesium and protein with essential minerals. These types of foods such as almonds, sunflower seeds, brown beans, peas, lentils, etc. DASH diet also helps to ensure that the person, their daily dose of unsaturated fats and calls. All of the levels of blood pressure, patients should avoid trans fats and saturated into fats.

2 Drinks for consumption in a week or less, reduce caffeine and nicotine and Its lifestyle diet intake of change: you can easily avoid the run of the potential risks of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and a long life happy and healthy.

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Food direct control hypertension is a growing trend. You may use a line of healthy diet, the use of collective and a growing health problem.

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The optimum nutrition whey 100 gold

The individual has a lot of people who start the work of the system to determine that they wish to gain weight and muscle so quickly by the expert or the trained technology supplementation use as much as possible from the perspective of the harm, but. To this end, the abusive use of inadequate or at the very least, this is generally administered in the diet supplements such as whey proteins.

Medical research has proven that a certain pound per gram of mass in the human body, in reality, the extra costs to the amount of protein intake is the amount of time. The human body does not handle too much protein, and the dosage can then remaining unburnt analyser for measurement of extra fat, Calories, this issue is stored in the system. This is definitely against the objectives and to spend so much time in the gym, the objectives of the individual. So now that the individual is the so-called beginners to invest in the whey proteins database scenario, and consumes much of the supplement and, above all, to throw away his money and time, all the measures in a hurry, his objectives, building muscles. This is a particularly good reason why the products are hydrolyzed protein Hydrolysation approach can hypo allergenic peptides allergic breaks.

(I) review the pros and the drawbacks of optimum-100% whey protein in the health of the character you want to complete and part to another today to assess the market.


Optimal whey proteins contain 4 specialised and very lively in proteins, the scheduled start of proprietary blend. These are the

-Whey Protein concentrate, ultra filtration

HydroWhey hydrolyzed whey peptides-to-

Whey isolate protein ion-exchange column

Whey protein isolate, Pasteurized

This is a very quick, efficient and adequate function of the proteins in combination. If the front

The slower-acting proteins reduce catabolism (muscle breakdown)

-They improve more quickly in the action of the protein Anabolism (muscle building)

Optimum 100% whey protein also contains glutamic acid, and BCAA;% quot% s.

Glutamin-is the most common amino acid in the body and the anti-catabolic-agent for the

-Improve BCAA nitrogen storage in what are the possibilities of improving the the gym pumps and reduces recovery time.

Optimal whey proteins will be 10 excellent flavors:

Extreme milk chocolate

French vanilla cream

Gold banana cream

Gold chocolate currency

The Gold Standard of cookies N ' cream

Gold, regular delicious Strawberry

Double Chocolate's rich gold

A typical Rocky Street of gold

The Golden ray of a normal tropical Punch

The Golden ray of a normal vanilla ice-cream

Optimal whey proteins have a favorite product, not only in the high-quality materials available to him in a very spectacular, but it is also a really good style. "The cookies N ' cream ' flavour are generally considered to be the largest wine tasting protein, as well as the private meeting, you should get (yum!).


I think the only negative is the beautiful and some people believed that Vanilla flavor had a slightly-of boring:

Gold-vanilla-ice cream

French Vanilla CR & egraveme

Group travel, which personally I have does not match this, as I have tried only to cookies N ' cream, but it is only a bad feedback, you have found.

Unlike the other elements of the current market:

-Optimum 100% whey protein has won "the best complement to the health of the year" and "best years" of a protein powder is a function of time, two of 2005 & amp2006

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When it comes to anything at all that the purity of the whey proteins can be compared. Whey proteins have excellent quality for that all important amino acids, organic raw cow's milk are needed on a daily basis, the system offers.

The optimum nutrition whey powder, by adopting the common to the gold farming, in addition to the environment.

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Important information about fitness centre

Physical activity has many attractive designs. Many of the health related concepts and uses his army of concepts or political power play. This is reflected, in particular, on the stage at which the leaders, who are already in the fitness centre has the capacity and well-being. Greece assumes body, in the spirit of solid clay available. The exercise is also a convenient food for the soul. Here, the gyms, training center and other weight training rooms in popular music, so their customers will Never use the adventure, you can enjoy the plan. However, in the past, people, their education will lead to the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

But in the modern days, you will see many people who will carry out a variety of places in rutiineihinsa with music. For example, when individuals can find aerobics, to hold a similar to the fast-track type music, soul and techno. The music itself is the same pace, and there the moral at the same time. Once the welfare and prosperity of the world, it is clear that the condition certainly reduced.

The reason for this is that it at one of the thoughts of individuals approximately accumulate wealth, much of the time, Office building, or perhaps know behind the reception duties. When will be forgotten in time occurs in physical exercises. On the other hand, is a human brain, certainly, the body that is running only in part. This is generally known as the spirit of the fitness centre. Brain conditioning occurs when the training in mind. Almost all of the mental conditioning options does not include the health and fitness routines.

This allows you to see that many of the bulls several unless their working clothes. This kind of presentation in the scientific inquiry is the tendency to be that almost all of the Patrol car to the police authorities, in their rounds. They are particularly unfit to hunt for the bad, and the control on the walking environment.

As part of the relevance of the physical completion routine to Enable you to develop the body as well as in support of that idea. So there is a disgusting, indirectly, the healthy physique to less possibility of leaped to receive. Meditation is a health and fitness centre, and in the spirit of the body is the most appropriate style.

Yoga Workout just do not add the peace and quiet that the Life also offers human body movements. If you find only a lot of people are clearly sure and at the same time, when they are in the lifestyles of the samples were free from the fear of Yoga.

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Do you need help, you do a fitness routine? Analysis of his easier to many people, a fitness centre is a successful training. For more information about the Synthra the 6 side effects

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