Intellectually better: organs of the brain.

As you know. Your brain works. Section on the left side of your brain control and movement of your body, while the movement in the left part of the body, the right to his brain. Thus it is possible that the dominant hand your brain areas using more than the other. Thus if you use your hands and not in a dominant position on the part of the daily activities is the performance of your brain?

If you're right, in most cases, this will drive on the left side of his brain. At the moment. If you use the left hand in a certain behavior, you can drive on the right side of his brain, as well as some of the Council to make easy and creative mind upside down. If you stay, and if you are using the right tool for the job more easily. You can stimulate the brain and organized.

This idea is supported by Tony Buzan, author of the book, called on both sides of the brain, he said. Simple exercises or training so that more opportunities will make your connection, and at the same time, upgrade your brain power with the people is atphakchai a fresh and young.

You can do other activities that may lead to the other side of the brain. Not really exhausting yourself you see around your room with eyes closed, or you can get dress and worship their eyes closed for visitors. In addition, you can see more of their children, games, games where they rub the belly on the one hand to TAP their hands on the head is a good simple exercise the brain. Here is an exercise for the brain. And you can link to his brain. Regardless of how trivial can already.

Thus, you must restart the people who are happy to be able to use their own tools for complex tasks such as writing or write an Ambidextrous ways, one might think that because they encourage both sides of his brain is more smart people, which is a false idea of studies or research which can confirm this idea.

Some have better skills and training to use both hands to his dominant hand and the dominant not to work and sports as Johannesburg, but training is not necessary to make them geniuses, so it is perhaps too well.

Thus, if simple, will be a little more intelligent. These exercises, physicists still believes that it appreciated the brain, which can only support or even unnoticed, but there are other aspects that influence, such as his portfolio and one of the other features that should be noted that doing these exercises will stimulate parts of the brain, which is not used as often as other parties who don't think it's always better to balance? If you want a brain that is better performance. You can also try to stimulate your brain and not just one section.

If Outlook is better than the brain work better.

What good is actually my own security. If you're wondering, will reply with a smart nod and smile or be ashamed of "probably" the answer to this question must take into account that there are many things to think and your IQ score is just one of them. The reality is that if you feel well. Your brain performs better than its Outlook and perspective on things like this will affect the exact results of your brain. If you really think that it is capable of, just his brain. The level of principle and their expectations. Some might say major changes intelligence ever since childhood, his life, but afterwards. There are also those who believe in the psychology of influence this story.

The psychology of the people who affect the functions of the brain.

You can hear the story for editing the document. The plane never even road work ball became the graduate school from rags to riches used their allowances and that climbs his way to the top. His childhood could have shown it would be as rich as his friend if he would just work like this. He followed that knows and knows that it can also be rich, it does not work for Outlook, regardless of whether you can do if someone else can be done.

Never received money from his wealthy friend and never received assistance, working in their own way, but he got from his friend that their expectations. If he never found his friend rich if he never know if it's possible to be rich. Do you have now? Its purpose when he found and what they do is just work hard to achieve this goal-and why. This is not the case.

See the wait itself can have an important role in his life. Serves as his motivation for this, you know. That is only available if you just work enough? It depends on psychology, who do not believe that this may just think that you can think and learn faster. Your brain can do the same for you?

Evidence and on the basis of the experience of learning

When you saw with a good view and when you should examine the things around you that they can be used as evidence of this to achieve its objectives. If you have everything you need to try to claim. Find out how, regardless of how small or large is also being given to the development of them will be soon tells that you are satisfied with the development of small. Some of them will follow shortly.

Thus for the development of the brain. If you think hard enough you can improve the performance of your brain and your brain will work faster. Updates are not quite as expected, but inevitably, there are some changes. Take advantage of these changes, the little-known collection of minor changes, they include a large number of changes in the brain to perceive themselves think too much. Your brain quickly meet their expectations.

If you feel better. Better his brain.

Having said that, through meditation, not only the body but also your mind and may seem very difficult to prove. However, there are ways, just meditation. This article is intended for people who are insecure meditate meditation, it is difficult to understand. This may be true, hone your skills year meditation practice. But you still can start with simple relaxation techniques that make it feel better. For you. Relaxed, your brain a bit, and everyone was rejuvenated.

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, and as you all know. We can think of something good, if we are really serious, as pointed out by many studies. He can pass the brain if they are underlined. Do not add just the right meditation to use his brain?

Through meditation you will the Red Cross to strengthen, so you can fully concentrate on mental activity, which works with, so you must learn to control your mind and works well for its purpose. Make. Starting with simple breathing techniques meditation movement.

See your breath

Find the point where you can sit and relax with comfort. Where the attention of breathing for a few seconds. Generally speaking it will simply clean now and they have a quiet time manually. Here are some tips to help you.

(1) is at its peak.

Because you're a beginner. You can do it in a quiet place for meditation. When you become more expert in this meditation you will notice that you can focus wherever you want. At the moment. Find the point where you feel peace.


Find your location, which will allow you to feel comfortable, but not asleep. For most people. This meditation on the legs. If a category of people that can be moved without sleep, try to lie down may be the most convenient. To keep you comfortable and yet but insomnia-should be a place for meditation.

(3) publications

Please note that part of the body is tense, they must learn to how hard the parties. Release the pressure in this section you will find the version that your body begins to be all power from him. If you repeat this procedure, you will learn to relax a little bit later.

(4) to breathe properly.

Correct breathing through the nose to do so. Air can easily pass through the lungs, it can be seen that his stomach and chest expanded membrane increases as you breathe through your nose. Here's how to breathe.

(5) interest.

There may be occasions when your mind can be pestered by others, but must remember to pay special attention to your breathing with constant reminders that may interfere with the ideas you will soon.

You can do this meditation of at least five minutes more each day. Appropriate in period, you understand that meditation can really help clear your mind and focus its meaning. Your brain works better.