Tips for the execution of his brain.

This may be true, that when they get older, memory is wasted, too, but that doesn't mean if you're of age. His brain was worsening memory. Age is the only reason, but there are other factors. To avoid this, you can read these tips to improve performance in your brain.

(1), extended vacation period to think better.

If you want to protect the last memories of you. You must be away from the stress, the stress can cause the release of cortisol Neuro drugs which can be linked to the implementation of the brain, especially in the last memory management. In addition to the chronic stress part of the brain which handle the memories can last even cutting. To avoid this, they must learn to relax and release tension from your body. You should not emphasize overwhelm you.

(2) omits smoking cigarettes

Smoking affects the flow of blood in your veins, and that this may be able to reduce blood flow to the brain and reduces blood flow means less oxygen to oxygen less food. The brain could not function as expected, memory may be damaged.

(3) of the brain toxins

As you know. Drugs Act may result in damage to the brain. It should take into account, if the error can also be toxic effect is the same as the brain, so it should always follow the recipe, you doctor and self-cure, it can affect the performance of your brain. "long-term use may cause loss of memory.

(4) a healthy diet

His brain, according to the West, to eat. If they are deprived of the possible is part of the cruel to his brain. Do you really want it. Thus it is protected, you should eat healthy and balanced, so it can absorb vitamins and all attachments in your body needs. In addition, food should be garbage collected.

(5) to exercise their brain.

How to use and improve their knowledge of thought, some old methods proposed for improving mental abilities that everyone has the opportunity to better the work of memory, so it must be something that everyone help everyone that we need to do is to find and try the methods that actually can help us in developing our capacity.

Many people think that through charming training activities. They added their own mental abilities, so, and you can try this at home. Simple tasks that puzzle alphabet transboundary exercise your brain. This helps your brain work better. If it does not deteriorate easily

(6) make your brain

There is no update brain cannot protect physics, should always be to protect the head from injury due to trauma can affect his brain. Easily hurt should also appear as slightly damaged. If experience can damage your brain with repetition, so you should try to facilitate the same helmets, cycling modes to avoid situations that can destroy your brain works.

If you want to be able to think better, your key to the health of the brain, so care should be as much as possible and avoid all of these factors, which may enable the mentally handicapped.

Healthier: develop your brain health

They say that age is one of the reasons that lead to the weakening of the brain. When they get older it's memory. It is common, such as diseases of unfortunate luck. Ways that can help the performance of your brain, so that it can better protect the dreaded brain deterioration of the already known.

One of the best protection for fruit and vegetables diet was lighter than the color of fruits or vegetables, fresh and healthy, the better. As you know. A dietician can help the body to help manage to eliminate harmful toxins, because these products contain antioxidants, if you follow this type of food, he is able to reduce from 70% suffer dementia when they get older.

Vitamins, particularly vitamin b can also maintain your brain fitness. If you do not have vitamin b can easily suffer from the disease and many other diseases, so it can include additional information in the vitamin a in their daily diet. If you don't feel like you need more information, you can drag and drop in the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes of these compounds in combination with coffee and sugar. Can body stock this vitamin b, try to eat more beans and green planted, they are rich in vitamin b?

You must be away from the bad food waste fats. Your brain can be made from the trunk. However, this does not mean that it should come from fat and hot dogs instead of chewing on unhealthy food, enjoy good fats like fish and nuts and all products that are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you do, you should keep your brain in good condition.

Stress is something that should be avoided, if you want to be healthy brain. Thus they should be protected. Focus and losses all come to you. Release tension relaxation and meditation can give your body and soul at a time when you want to download. Sleep and rest just six to eight hours is not recommended as Prime Minister. After a good night's sleep should participate actively in the work of health such as the implementation and practice that makes your body active and alert.

End if you exercise your body needs to exercise their brain. You have a heart-review and think. Activate muscles puzzle processing his brain. Answer crossword and social with others. There are a number of activities that are designed to do the thinking. Activities that could be learned that you have nothing worth a try. Feel free to explore active learning important real world reason.

Now that you know better more healthy your brain feel the same if you're doing best of all, the site of your own doctor. Keep, so suited for combat factors degrade performance for your brain.

Feel better: your brain should get exercise too.

Widespread in our society today, brain exercises designed to provide Faculty of mind they want add. Games and activities all other cranial calisthenics, help keep our brain work, note that this is not just for people with mental health problems. Activities and events, they are good for all who can make your healthy mind. Improve your brain from the previous version. These activities must be sufficiently useful to adapt to any brand.

Although some scientists can't believe fully benefits from the implementation of the brain, most researchers and experts in many studies that show how the brain really should exercise the same authority. Studies have shown that people have tried to do the workout memory brain periodically. See simple brain works both hemispheres of the brain works better. Your brain to become healthier

Cross track

Cross track is the type of process based on the principle of our homolaterally function of the nervous system, this means that on the left side of the brain controls the movement of the second semester of law and our body. Principles of Kinesiology also applies in the practice of moving art intends to make updating more brain Lateralization, can do that easily. Playing the calculation window or the angle of the left knee of you. Do this several times and then on the page. Continue on the other hand, so that one step.

Implement the view wongchonsomong to adjust the left half of brain baby to connect to the left side of the body and vice versa. For adults? The process is a combination of different functions and tasks in the brain. This is the reason why this exercise is often recommended for people suffering from dyslexia. The event is also good to add a response by the immune system.

Kings of Tin

Another event that will benefit is the right and left hemispheres of the brain "Anderson after an old Kings, draw the number" 8 "on a sheet of paper, using the right hand for two minutes." you can continue to draw the same hand left this must do every day on the right, and it turns out that you have better concentration and improves hand and eye coordination, as well as other advantages arethat you will feel, reduce stress and improve mood.

You can also "Rhythm Kings" instead of using paper and pencil. Create an imaginary in eighth air with the ball, that should be enough, the two parts of his brain and coordination.

Try various training for change

Because there are many exercises for improving the functioning of the mind may be a good idea to change your activities so that his brain is not only the usual changing your brain may also exercise a greater part of his brain. There are other game and puzzle your brain to look for the person who best suits you. Exercise your brain better performance