Inadequate pension schemes for health, says High Court

Rajasthan High Court in elite private hospital to provide medical assistance and ", not compensation" did not believe that the fate of retirees in receipt of reimbursement for medical condition.

The Ministry of Justice said: "there will be no Ajay Rastogi for decades, he served in the State Government held behind pension, right in that survey will appear in the State Government and we are experiencing in private hospitals, pension giant better access to the courts for compensation for the cost of business".

"However, the government pension, or at the end of their lives in hospitals and Government only dependent wife FAG that keeps it is difficult to understand. There are a lot of problems. Observing justice Rastogi

The Court accepted the retirement Sarraf noise while watching his warranty request, the doctor and his wife, Shakuntala angioplasty, Rs 186 against Fortis Hospital Department of Health Department of the former Chief of staff planning, and pay restitution.

Shakuntala has a serious heart attack in 2008 for the first time here, but she had to Sethi Fortis hospital in colonial Stelite SDMH and then for lack of interest.

The State applies to the pension system and emergency medical assistance private hospitals Rajasthan 2008 unknown and you get an additional unit of cardiology at the hospital, could have signed Shakuntala SMS.

Took note of the serious truth "Rastogi individual hospital was held could not force Government appointments. The health care system (CGHS), the Federal Government has very good. You should look like the State Government and the pension system, the situation immediately. "

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